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Mon at 14:24
nvm :d
luckyarena AdminC.AdvisorDON
Mon at 17:38
your welcome raider :cool:
Mon at 17:39
Nearly time for the UK to get TWD
luckyarena AdminC.AdvisorDON
Mon at 17:39
well i sent the link
luckyarena AdminC.AdvisorDON
Mon at 17:40
you can watch it early
Mon at 17:40
Nah ill watch it at 9.. the suspense is building up the longer i wait
luckyarena AdminC.AdvisorDON
Mon at 17:43
worth it
luckyarena AdminC.AdvisorDON
Mon at 17:44
btw i owe you 10k All i will say :p
Mon at 17:44
Mon at 18:57
is it just me, or is maggie getting uglier for every season? :lol:
Mon at 19:11
:lol: :lol:
Mon at 19:45
oo, StarCitizen is free until October 30
Mon at 20:50
yo server down damn
Mon at 21:02
server owners should speak with bigegg about the issue.. let me know if you want me to get in touch with him
Mon at 21:03
server getting ddosed?
Shiny AdminVIPDON
Mon at 21:24
Overpoch is down, not sure if any highers can restart it. been down for 20mins
17 hours ago
sefik will leave mercsgaming admin team because he will be admin on my minecraft hamachi server
Grexion DON
16 hours ago
Phantom SuperVIPDON
16 hours ago
Alright cheers ommak :^)
sefik SuperVIPDON
16 hours ago
I am leaving the server confirmed :) Kappa
Phantom SuperVIPDON
16 hours ago
inb4 someone dont realise its sarcaism
Phantom SuperVIPDON
16 hours ago
sarcasm* trying play h1z1 & shitpost sametime
16 hours ago
maybe install KOTK and no JS
Katheeri VIPDON
14 hours ago
guys help my hacks stopped working and it said i got banned plz ban appeal
12 hours ago
Hey all, i'm selling my base on Epoch server, it's too expensive for me , a solo player, to finish and maintain, got base plans if you need them, PM me.
7 hours ago
hey Max, check pm whenever you can
7 hours ago
Sieni_ DON
7 hours ago
Hellfire Admin
3 hours ago coming soon bby
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